Study Guide

The Fountainhead Part 2, Chapter 11

By Ayn Rand

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Part 2, Chapter 11

  • Roark works on the temple with lots of energy and also works his butt off on his other projects, including the Aquitania.
  • In contrast, Peter Keating is hugely dissatisfied with his own Cosmo-Slotnick building (the one Roark kind of designed for him).
  • Toohey tells Keating to shut up and abandon his ego.
  • Roark hires Stephen Mallory to do a sculpture for his temple, and it's a process getting him to agree.
  • Mallory is very dejected and mistrustful, but he and Roark realize they are kindred spirits and artists.
  • Mallory agrees to do the project and becomes very devoted to Roark.
  • Roark suggests that Mallory use Dominique for a model for the statue.
  • Dominique poses for it...nude.
  • Roark, Dominique, Mallory, and Mike all bond and spend a lot of time hanging out at the temple as it is being finished.

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