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The Fountainhead Part 2, Chapter 12

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Part 2, Chapter 12

  • The contract for the Aquitania hotel falls through. Lansing tried, but he couldn't win against the stupid board of directors.
  • But Roark still has his temple.
  • And then worse things happen.
  • Stoddard cancels the opening for the temple and then sues Roark for breach of contract, saying that the temple looks like crap and that Roark is incompetent.
  • This whole kerfuffle is extremely public, and nosey New York society is all over it.
  • Toohey tells Dominique that people will now remember Roark for screwing up a project.
  • Dominique is upset but tries to hide it from Toohey.
  • The case goes to trial, and it's basically a three-ring circus.
  • People like Keating testify against Roark.
  • Dominique testifies for Stoddard but defends Roark by saying no one on earth deserves the temple since it's too good for everyone.
  • Roark defends himself. He doesn't cross-examine anyone, and his entire defense is to show 10 photos of the temple.

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