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The Fountainhead Part 2, Chapter 15

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Part 2, Chapter 15

  • Dominique moves in to Keating's house the next day.
  • Their marriage is a total sham. but Keating thinks it's cool that people envy him.
  • Dominique freaks out Mrs. Keating with her cold attitude, and she frustrates Keating with her refusal to really speak to him or act like she even likes him (she doesn't).
  • The Stoddard Temple is converted into a home for "Subnormal Children." "Subnormal" here means children who are suffering from disabilities. Wow, Rand. Way to be a total jerk.
  • Roark finishes the skyscraper for Cord, but he can't find any more work.
  • The stock market crash impacts the building industry and it's hard times for everyone.
  • Roark goes to visit his temple to see it and move on from the disaster.
  • Toohey confronts Roark at the temple that night. He asks what Roark thinks of him now, and Roark replies that he doesn't think of him.
  • Toohey seems bummed that Roark wouldn't talk to him.

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