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The Fountainhead Part 2, Chapter 7

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Part 2, Chapter 7

  • Dominique blasts Roark's Enright House in an article in The Banner, but she's really kind of praising it on the sly. That crafty Dominique is so sneaky.
  • Hardly anyone notices anything weird about the article, but Toohey does. He calls her out on her super secret message of praise.
  • Toohey starts needling Dominique about Roark and Keating, and she finally snaps and yells at him.
  • Meanwhile that Joel Sutton dude is having doubts about hiring Roark for a project.
  • Dominique says Roark would design a great house for him, but she says if Sutton wants to play it safe, he should hire Peter Keating.
  • Dominique goes to visit Roark and tells him that she wants him, but she also kind of hates him and she is going to try to destroy him as a test of strength.
  • Roark thinks that sounds like a plan.
  • Then they have sex.
  • This line from Roark pretty much sums up their relationship: "I'll fix breakfast for you in the morning. [....] Then you'll go home and think about destroying me. Good night, Dominique" (2.7.274).
  • These two are special.

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