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The Fountainhead Part 2, Chapter 8

By Ayn Rand

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Part 2, Chapter 8

  • Dominique continues to get commissions for Keating in order to build up his career.
  • Keating is confused by this since Dominique still brushes him off in private and doesn't even seem to like him much.
  • Dominique and Toohey also form a sort of alliance against Roark.
  • But in private, Dominique continues her kinky affair with Roark.
  • Roger Enright invites Dominique over to his house one day. He's upset with her for writing stuff about Roark and acting like a punk.
  • Dominique goes to see the structure of the Enright House being built, and she immediately falls in love with it.
  • She then goes and writes yet another article that slams and praises Roark all at once. This is par for the course: their relationship is built on the fact that Dominique and Roark are enemies by day, passionate lovers by night.
  • Later Dominique and Keating chat and he tries to figure out why she's helping him out.
  • She doesn't give him a clear answer.
  • All of New York society thinks that Keating and Dominique are very close, but in private Dominique wants nothing to do with Keating.

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