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The Fountainhead Part 3, Chapter 1

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Part 3, Chapter 1

  • Here begins Part 3, Gail Wynand.
  • Gail Wynand is having a relaxing morning at home, bonding with the gun he's holding in his hand.
  • Oh no. Wynard, this is freaking us out.
  • Ah, Wynard's just seeing if the gun makes him feel scared at all. It doesn't.
  • Wynand has a typical morning of being rich and fabulous, going through piles of mail and calling people like senators and scaring them into passing bills for him.
  • Someone had a breakfast of champions.
  • Wynand confronts Scarrett about a book being plugged mysteriously in Wynand's various subsidiary papers; he finds it obnoxious.
  • The book is called the Gallant Gallstone and it's by Lois Cook. Wow, that sounds boring and/or vaguely clinical.
  • Gail Wynand is considering a new real estate venture called Stoneridge.
  • Toohey tells Wynard to use Keating to get the whole Stoneridge thing happening. He also tells Wynard to meet Dominique before he makes up his mind.
  • After a super long day being powerful and shmoozing and manipulating people, Wynand goes home and thinks about his life.
  • He feels super-sad.
  • We get a huge flashback to Wynand's life.
  • He grew up in a neighborhood in New York called Hell's Kitchen.
  • Sounds cozy.
  • Wynand was in a street gang, and he worked hard to be tough and powerful.
  • He got a job as paper boy and worked his way up in the journalism industry.
  • Now he runs The Banner, which is like a giant tabloid, and is hugely powerful. He's like a classy Perez Hilton. (We love you, Perez!)
  • Wynand also has a secret art stash. TrĂ©s classy.
  • Toohey delivers Dominique's statue (the naked one meant for Roark's temple) to Wynand, and Wynand agrees to meet her.

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