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The Fountainhead Part 3, Chapter 2

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Part 3, Chapter 2

  • Dominique and Keating have an evening at home, arguing incessantly.
  • They both start talking about how neither of them seem to have a soul.
  • Aww, such cute marital banter.
  • Dominique also gets in a parting shot and tells Keating he has no opinions of his own.
  • They talk some more and Keating finally gets Dominique to confess to her fling with Roark.
  • Toohey then drops by unexpectedly and interrupts their conversation.
  • Toohey has news: Wynand wants to meet with both of the Keatings since he's interested in using Keating for his new building project.
  • Keating leaves the room briefly, and Dominique and Toohey try to one-up each other, as usual. Dominique kicks off this exchange:
  • "You got Peter Keating where you wanted him—the leading architect of the country who's now mud clinging to your galoshes."
  • "I've never liked your style of expression, but it's always been accurate. I should have said: who's now a soul wagging its tail. Your style is gentler." (3.2.251-2)

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