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The Fountainhead Part 3, Chapter 3

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Part 3, Chapter 3

  • Dominique goes to see Wynand in his office.
  • They connect instantly. Interesting.
  • Wynand tells Dominique right off the bat that he owns a naked statue of her, thanks to his pal Ellsworth Toohey, who is apparently an art dealer in his spare time.
  • Wynand and Dominique also talk about how he fired her.
  • They're both pretty cynical and abrupt with each other. Match made in heaven.
  • Dominique flat out offers to sleep with Wynand if he'll give Keating the job.
  • Wynand isn't shocked, but he is surprised she came out and said it so bluntly.
  • Wynand proves he's an amateur mind-reader and says he knows why Dominique made the offer: because it disgusts her.
  • She's surprised at his insight.
  • Yeah, sexual relations in this novel aren't exactly traditional.
  • Later the Keatings and Wynand have dinner together.
  • Wynand offers Keating the job in exchange for Dominique.
  • Well, that's different. And Keating doesn't seem terribly upset.
  • Dominique and Wynand ditch Keating and go to Wynand's private art gallery.

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