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The Fountainhead Part 3, Chapter 5

By Ayn Rand

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Part 3, Chapter 5

  • Wynand and Dominique return from their cruise.
  • Keating angrily asks if he's got the Stoneridge project.
  • Dominique says yes and then says he needs to go chat with Wynand.
  • Wynand tells Keating he wants to marry Dominique.
  • He offers Keating $250,000 as a settlement, and a broken-down Keating accepts after some futile shouting.
  • Dominique goes to visit Steven Mallory to find out where Roark is.
  • They have tea and visit.
  • Turns out Roark is building a department store in Ohio.
  • Dominique heads off for Reno, where she is getting her divorce.
  • Fun fact: Reno lowered their waiting periods on divorces to six weeks in 1931, making it a super popular destination for people looking to get a quickie divorce.
  • Meanwhile Toohey and Alvah Scarrett hear about the news, and both of them flip out...but for different reasons. Scarrett thinks a Wynand and Dominique union is a scandal doomed for failure, and Toohey is scared of those two joining forces against him.
  • Dominique makes a pit stop in Ohio and visits with Roark.
  • She updates him on the situation.
  • He's not happy about it, but he accepts her right to act as she chooses.
  • The two sit and talk easily for a while, and then Roark bids her goodbye at the train station and says he'll keep waiting for her.

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