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The Fountainhead Part 3, Chapter 6

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Part 3, Chapter 6

  • Some dude named Ike reads a play at the Council of American Writers. and it's terrible.
  • But everyone praises it. Of course.
  • Toohey's council (who else would start a group like this?) has become the new literary elite.
  • The group is filled with a bunch of tortured artists who complain about everything.
  • Keating is there feeling depressed. His wifey is long gone.
  • Later Toohey comes out in praise of modern architecture as a style.
  • The change hurts Keating, who used classical influences in his work.
  • Keating asks Toohey what exactly happened to his devotion to classical influences, but Toohey gives him some lame platitudes and sends Keating on his way.
  • Keating gives a luncheon talk later and says that he designs for the public, so if people want modern stuff, he can do that.
  • Keating then essentially offers to do the public's laundry and take out the trash if they'll give him a project.
  • Francon retires, and Keating hires Neil Dumont as a partner, but he's not very good.
  • The firm starts to lose money.

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