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The Fountainhead Part 3, Chapter 7

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Part 3, Chapter 7

  • Dominique returns from Reno, and Wynand puts her up in a hotel until their wedding.
  • He wants a private one, but she insists on a huge public ceremony that is as vulgar as possible.
  • Dominique actually wears black (scandalous!), and the thing is a media circus.
  • It sounds hilarious.
  • But Wynand gets the last laugh because he bans The Banner from covering his wedding.
  • Scarrett can't believe it, since it is news, but Wynand stands firm.
  • Dominique is impressed with Wynand's power-play skills.
  • Toohey and Scarrett discuss the fall-out from the wedding.
  • Thousands of letters have come in denouncing the marriage.
  • Scarrett is also worried that New Frontiers, a liberal magazine Toohey also freelances for, is seriously targeting Wynand.
  • Toohey says he's being paranoid.

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