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The Fountainhead Part 3, Chapter 8

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Part 3, Chapter 8

  • The first few months of marriage are pretty peaceful and happy for Dominique and Gail.
  • Dominique stays at their penthouse, and Wynand doesn't want her to go out; he likes to be alone with her.
  • Dominique realizes she's happy. Uh oh. Dominique doesn't want to be happy.
  • She gives a ridiculous and fake interview to a Banner writer named Sally Brent.
  • Wynand fires Sally for doing it, and she goes to work for New Frontiers.
  • Dominique drags Wynand to a horrible play.
  • He admits he hated it but says something about how the pain only "went down to a certain point," which echoes what Roark said to Dominique once.
  • She freaks, and Gail and Dominique have a long and tense discussion about their lives and their selves.
  • Dominique tells Wynand that they are both traitors.
  • Wynand doesn't totally disagree, but he says he doesn't believe in the idea of perfection. There's no such thing, according to Wynard, as an honorable man.

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