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The Fountainhead Part 4, Chapter 10

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Part 4, Chapter 10

  • Keating runs into Katie unexpectedly, and the two have coffee together.
  • Keating is saddened and horrified to see how Katie is now—she seems numbed and her spirit is dead. She works as a social worker for an agency in D.C. and has nothing except her job now.
  • She says she was hurt horribly over Dominique and nearly had a breakdown.
  • But then she says she got over it and doesn't bother to fight fate now.
  • Keating feels bad and tries to apologize, but Katie won't even listen to him or acknowledge that anything is even wrong.
  • He says doing what you really want is hard, and she tells him not to be selfish.
  • She then leaves with empty promises to catch up again soon, and Keating feels defeated.

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