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The Fountainhead Part 4, Chapter 12

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Part 4, Chapter 12

  • Roark returns to find that the Cortlandt House has been altered by Toohey's goons.
  • Keating tried to stop everyone (the board, the government, banks, etc.) from changing it, but he couldn't fight them all.
  • Roark contacts Dominique directly for the first time since Ohio.
  • He tells Dominique to go to the Cortlandt House that night and pretend she's out of gas and then get out of the car.
  • She distracts the gate attendant and gets him to leave to get her some gas.
  • Roark then blows up the building.
  • Dominique screams for him and then runs back to her car.
  • Dominique cuts herself to make it look like she'd been in the car the entire time.
  • ...But she overdoes it and hits an artery.
  • She nearly dies from blood loss. Oh dear.

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