Study Guide

The Fountainhead Part 4, Chapter 13

By Ayn Rand

Part 4, Chapter 13

  • Dominique wakes up at Wynand's house. He's been super worried since she could have died.
  • Wynand knows Roark was behind the explosion.
  • He's glad Roark did what he did and that she tried to help, but he still hasn't guessed at the affair between the two of them.
  • He pays Roark's bail from jail and Roark comes over to the penthouse and basically moves in.
  • Roark comes to see Dominique; he's been worried.
  • Roark tells Dominique he wants her to leave Wynand if he gets acquitted but to stay put if he has to go to jail.
  • Wynand uses The Banner again to defend Roark, but it's an up-hill battle since Toohey has somehow prejudiced everyone against Roark.
  • Wynand starts to realize how thorough Toohey has been in in corrupting his organization and in shoring up power.
  • Dominique is too weak from blood loss to say "Told you so."

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