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The Fountainhead Part 4, Chapter 17

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Part 4, Chapter 17

  • Roark sends Wynand a letter of forgiveness, but Wynand returns it unopened.
  • Dominique goes to Roark at the Monadnock Resort, and they finally come together as a couple.
  • She then tips off the press to their affair. Scandal!
  • Wynand is hurt, but he understands.
  • Wynand agrees to divorce her.
  • She goes to see him and explains that she's always loved Roark.
  • Wynand handles everything pretty well, considering.
  • Scarrett wants to use the scandal to help The Banner, and Wynand agrees.
  • They publish a story saying Dominique made Wynand defend her lover, and the public forgives Wynand and feels sorry for him.
  • Dominique and Roark are okay with this since it helps Wynand out.

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