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The Fountainhead Part 4, Chapter 7

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Part 4, Chapter 7

  • Keating is alone at his office, which now only occupies one floor. Oof.
  • The firm Keating and Dumont is not doing well at all.
  • Keating is also getting chubby in his middle age.
  • He has his mom move back in with him, and he takes up painting again.
  • His prestige is declining and he's getting a reputation for being old fashioned and boring.
  • Toohey has abandoned him for a hot new architect named Gus Webb.
  • A new housing project, the Cortlandt House, comes up, and it could save Keating's career.
  • But Toohey won't help him get the commission and confesses that he only backed Keating to prevent the rise of a "true" talent, meaning Roark.
  • Toohey has a new golden boy now, Guss Webb, and Keating is out like a losing contestant on Project Runway. Auf wiedersehen.
  • Toohey tells Keating that if he can manage the Cortlandt House then he'll support him again.
  • Keating knows he can't do it and calls Roark for help.

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