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The Fountainhead Part 4, Chapter 9

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Part 4, Chapter 9

  • Roark's designs are great, of course.
  • He and Dominique and Wynand hang out together on weekends, and Dominique still feels jealous of his close relationship with Wynand.
  • Toohey tells Keating he's a genius, even though he knows Keating didn't do the work.
  • Wynand finds out that Roark actually designed the Cortlandt House and is furious with Roark for doing it. Roark doesn't care, though.
  • Wynand decides to use The Banner to support Roark and his work, but everyone in the city hates and ignores The Banner now, so it doesn't have the desired effect.
  • Wynand takes Roark's to Hell's Kitchen and confides his plans for a skyscraper to him; Roark is enthused about it and hopes to build it one day.

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