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Andy in The Girl on the Train

By Paula Hawkins

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Red Hair-ing

Andy is the red-haired man who Rachel thinks is trying to hurt her, though he's really trying to help her, reminding us once again that Rachel is a terrible judge of character.

Andy was nearby when Rachel was in the underpass the night Megan went missing. Rachel knows this and tries to get up the nerve to ask him what happened, but he scares her. He brings up memories clouded by blackout:

Someone is trying to hit me. […] I'm on the pavement, it's so confusing, my heart is racing. I don't want to be anywhere near this man. I want to get away from him. (17.26)

It turns out Rachel is confusing Andy with Tom, though. When she finally speaks to him, he fills in her memories, telling her that she did have an encounter with Tom in the underpass. Andy was a nice guy all along. Not a murderer, just a red herring.

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