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The Girl on the Train Chapter 10

By Paula Hawkins

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Chapter 10


  • Anna is here to shake you out of your routine. You thought this book was Rachel, Megan, Rachel, Megan, Rachel, Megan, but now bam, here's Anna to mess you up good.
  • It's the same day we just left Rachel—Saturday, July 20, 2013.
  • Tom brings Anna breakfast in bed. And presents in bed, too. What an amazing husband he is, right?
  • Oh wait; it's Anna's birthday, and Tom gives her a bracelet and some lingerie.
  • Later that day, Anna is thinking about how amazing her life is. Sure, all her friends thought she was nuts to get involved with a married man and move into the house he just booted his ex-wife out of, but she's happy. Tom is perfect.
  • Except for the fact that he's acting fishy at his computer, slamming it shut when Anna walks in.
  • But he says it's just e-mail from the crazy ex, Rachel. "Sometimes I want to kill that woman" (10.12), Anna thinks to herself.
  • That afternoon, Anna and Tom have lunch and wine.
  • When Anna is picking up the baby's toys that night, she looks out the window and sees Rachel.
  • What's she doing in Anna's neighborhood?
  • Anna considers running after her, but Tom comes out of the bathroom, holding the baby, whom he just bathed, so Anna stays inside with her family.

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