Study Guide

The Girl on the Train Chapter 11

By Paula Hawkins

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Chapter 11


  • It's the day after we last saw Rachel in Chapter 9.
  • She went to see Scott last night; here's how that went:
  • Déjà vu hits Rachel as soon as she goes into Scott's house—it looks just like the house she used to live in with Tom.
  • Scott invites her in and fixes her some tea.
  • They talk for a bit, and Rachel says she's Tom's ex-wife and used to live down the street. (truth)
  • Then she says she knew Megan from the gallery (lie), and that she saw Megan outside with another man (truth) and they were kissing (also true).
  • She describes the man, and Scott wonders if it's her therapist, Kamal Abdic.
  • They go online, and Rachel looks at the picture.
  • Yep—the secret smoocher was totally Dr. Abdic, Megan's therapist.
  • "The therapy seemed to be helping. She was happier. […] Now I know why" (11.72), Scott says bitterly.
  • Rachel leaves, and that night she doesn't have a drink. Go, Rachel.
  • Later the next day, after lunch with Cathy, Rachel gets a call from Scott.
  • He thanks her for the info and says that he told the cops to check up on the good doctor.
  • They'd already talked to him but they said they'd speak with him again.
  • Scott mentions he saw Tom, Rachel's ex, too.
  • Tom asked Scott if he was okay, like a good neighbor. That's sweet of him.
  • Scott didn't tell Tom he knew Rachel, though, which Rachel is glad about.
  • Scott continues talking, telling Rachel he feels guilty.
  • The night Megan disappeared, she and Scott had a huge fight (he won't say why), and she stormed out.
  • Scott didn't go after her and he wonders if she would be okay if he had.
  • The next morning, Rachel sees online that a man has been arrested in connection with Megan's disappearance. Is it Dr. Abdic?
  • Rachel gets off the train and runs to Scott's house.
  • When she goes through the creepy underpass, she tries to remember what happened there. No memories resurface, though.
  • Rachel stands on Scott's porch but decides not to ring the bell.
  • Not that it matters—as she's about to leave, the door opens and a hand pulls her inside. Whoa.

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