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The Girl on the Train Chapter 13

By Paula Hawkins

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Chapter 13


  • It's the day after we last saw Rachel—you know, when she got dragged into Scott's house. What happened?
  • She's going to tell us. Here we go:
  • Scott yanks Rachel inside because he doesn't want anyone to see her; he's trying to maintain a low profile so the media doesn't hound him.
  • Scott tells Rachel that it was Kamal Abdic the police arrested but he doesn't know anything more than that.
  • Now he asks, "Why did you come?" (13.9).
  • Rachel says she didn't want him to be alone. But he's not alone—his mother is there.
  • Rachel briefly meets mama Scott, then Scott boots her out of the house… right in front of Tom and Anna who are walking the baby.
  • Anna snatches the baby out of the stroller (well, pram in the U.K.), but Rachel walks by thinking, "I couldn't be less interested in your daughter" (13.20).
  • Instead she's happy that the police have Dr. Abdic, "And I helped!" (13.22).

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