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The Girl on the Train Chapter 16

By Paula Hawkins

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Chapter 16


  • It's a couple months after we last saw Megan and only about a month before her disappearance.
  • Megan lies in bed, feeling hot and suffocated.
  • She says that talking to Kamal helped her; "He made me happier" (16.7).
  • But she's still going to have to swallow her pride and her shame and "go to him" (16.9).
  • Megan starts off by apologizing for what happened the night before, and then she tells him about her brief relationship with Mac after her brother died.
  • She got pregnant, and even though she couldn't take care of the baby, she still had it, and named her Libby.
  • One day, Mac left her for days.
  • Megan was cold so she climbed into the bathtub with the baby. She fell asleep, though, and the baby drowned. Yikes.
  • Interrupting this sob story, Megan gets a call from her friend Tara.
  • Tara says Scott is looking for her so she needs to go home.
  • Kamal tells Megan she can come back another time if she likes. She kisses him goodbye, and he doesn't pull away. Bad doctor.

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