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The Girl on the Train Chapter 2

By Paula Hawkins

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Chapter 2


  • It's now the year before Chapter 1, a.k.a. 2012.
  • So now we're following Megan, whoever that is, and she's listening to a train and imagining she's elsewhere.
  • She's disappointed when her husband speaks and breaks her from her trance.
  • That evening, she's on her terrace when she hears screaming from down the street.
  • Megan sees two women who seem to fighting over a baby.
  • One of them is acting really weird, but Megan doesn't call the police.
  • A few months later, Megan has a new job as a nanny.
  • She's working for the woman she saw yelling in the garden, Anna, even though she doesn't like her and her husband.
  • Anna's husband, Tom (could he be Rachel's Tom?), is handsome though.
  • Two days later, Megan quits her nanny job. How long did she have that job anyway? Mary Poppins would be ashamed.
  • Megan tells Anna and Tom that she found another job, which is a lie.
  • The next month, Megan is wallowing in sadness about her dead brother, Ben.
  • She's been depressed, so she's going to see a therapist, Dr. Kamal Abdic.
  • When Megan meets him, she thinks of his hands on her, his "long and delicate fingers, I can almost feel them on my skin" (2.38). Whoa… What kind of therapy is this?
  • They have a typical first therapy session (no touchy-feely) and she leaves.
  • The next week, Megan is still wallowing in regrets, wishing her art studio hadn't closed. And she's avoiding Tom and Anna.
  • That night, Megan is lonely because Scott isn't home.
  • She goes for a walk and considers stopping at number twenty-three (which is Tom and Anna's house) but she doesn't.
  • On her way back home, "he passes me in his car, our eyes meet for just a second and he smiles at me" (2.53). But who is "he"?

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