Study Guide

The Girl on the Train Chapter 20

By Paula Hawkins

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Chapter 20


  • It's the same day we left Rachel, and Anna sees the headline, too: "WAS MEGAN A CHILD KILLER?" (20.2).
  • Anna is horrified—not because this private matter is national news, but because she used to employ Megan as a babysitter.
  • Feeling the judgment from all the other moms, Anna runs from the coffee shop and returns home. She's glad Megan is dead.
  • That evening, Anna starts a fight with Tom. She wants to move because the place reminds her of Rachel and Megan now.
  • But Tom says there's not enough money to move, and the fight escalates.
  • Afterward, Anna sits alone in the bedroom fuming and remembering how Megan never seemed to like the baby at all. (Well, it is an ugly baby. For more on that, though, swing by Anna's page in the "Characters" section.)

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