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The Girl on the Train Chapter 21

By Paula Hawkins

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Chapter 21


  • Scott calls Rachel and asks to come over to her apartment; he can't take the media swarming around his place.
  • So she agrees to let him in, and swoosh, he's there.
  • He's had even worse news since they last talked: Megan was pregnant when she died.
  • They haven't confirmed who the father is but Scott just knows it's his.
  • Rachel fixes him some tea and lets him talk.
  • They fall asleep, and Scott leaves before Rachel wakes up.
  • The next day, Rachel goes to see Kamal the therapist.
  • He is kind and comforting, and Rachel can't even imagine this man is the killer anymore.
  • On the way home, Rachel reads another news story—Megan's other baby, the one that died, was found buried near some train tracks.
  • Rachel calls Scott to offer condolences, and he wants company so Rachel rushes over.
  • She doesn't feel good about Megan anymore: "She was a liar, a cheat. She was a killer" (21.84-21.85).

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