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The Girl on the Train Chapter 22

By Paula Hawkins

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Chapter 22


  • It's a week after we last saw Megan in Chapter 16, and a week closer to her death.
  • She finishes telling Kamal her accidental baby-killer story. Cue wavy flashback effect.
  • Mac, her boyfriend, returns and helps her bury the baby.
  • Then Mac leaves again… and "he never came back" (22.7). In the words of Taylor Swift, they are never ever getting back together. (Like, ever.)
  • So Megan eventually left the shack, too, and she never contacted him again.
  • She thinks Mac's probably dead, but she has no evidence of this, so Kamal suggests she try to find him online.
  • Megan considers it and she feels good after this little therapy session; she doesn't even try to kiss her therapist. Wahoo.
  • Sadly, though, the happiness doesn't last. On her way to the train station a man bumps into her and she falls, cutting her hand.

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