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The Girl on the Train Chapter 25

By Paula Hawkins

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Chapter 25


  • Tom brings Rachel to the lake.
  • Because Rachel thinks there might be the possibility of reconciliation, she gets all gussied up for the meeting.
  • Tom tells Rachel to stay away from Scott—Anna heard Scott and Megan fight a lot, and Tom worries he might be dangerous. He's still the prime suspect in Megan's disappearance, after all.
  • He also offers to give Rachel some money.
  • She promises to stay away from Scott, but she doesn't take his money.
  • Rachel has a bad dream that night, and the next day she goes to therapy.
  • She asks Dr. Abdic about hypnotherapy, but he won't do it and doesn't recommend it.
  • During non-hypno therapy, Rachel talks about a time she got so drunk she tried to whack Tom with a golf club.
  • At least, that's what Tom said happened—Rachel blacked out and didn't remember even doing it.
  • That night, Rachel thinks more about what happened in the underpass.
  • She remembers watching Anna getting into Tom's car, but Anna was supposed to be at home (because Anna told the police she saw Rachel that night).
  • Rachel considers knocking on Tom and Anna's door to talk to them again, but she reconsiders and heads home.

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