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The Girl on the Train Chapter 26

By Paula Hawkins

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Chapter 26


  • Anna does her darndest to remain as unlikeable as possible by thinking about how much better her relationship with Tom was when she was the mistress—she never cared about Rachel or her feelings even then.
  • Later that night, Anna sees Rachel across the street; Anna is furious. Tom said he's taken care of her, so why is she still lurking around?
  • Anna calls Detective Riley to tell her that she's seen Rachel leaving Scott's house quite a few times. She admits to us this is "a slight exaggeration" (26.57).
  • Tom and Anna reconcile between the sheets, and Tom talks about how they should take a vacation.
  • Anna is angry that Tom wants to take a vacation instead of saving up to move houses, which is what she really wants.
  • The baby wakes up, interrupting the fight before it begins, but Tom is grumpy the rest of the morning.
  • They get into a fight about their favorite subject: Rachel. Tom admits that he went to talk to Rachel in person and never told Anna about it.
  • He says he only did it so she wouldn't get upset, though, and she buys it.
  • Later, Anna goes to the park to worry.
  • She remembers the good ol' days, back when Tom was cheating on Rachel with her: "I'm a good liar" (26.64), he used tell Anna.
  • Anna talks herself out of her slump by convincing herself that Tom would never lie to her; she knows when he's telling the truth. (Yeah, right, honey—you keep thinking that.)
  • That night, however, Anna realizes that Tom did lie to her: He said he had a meeting when he was really talking to Rachel in person.
  • Growing suspicious, Anna cracks open a bottle of wine and tries to guess the password for Tom's laptop.
  • Tom comes home before she can hack in, and she slams the laptop shut before he enters the house.

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