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The Girl on the Train Chapter 27

By Paula Hawkins

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Chapter 27


  • Cathy gets Rachel a job interview, but instead of preparing for it, she decides to go see Scott when he calls her, even though she just promised never to see him again.
  • She reads a story in the paper saying that Megan's baby daddy, Craig "Mac" McKenzie, actually died four years ago, so he isn't a suspect.
  • When Rachel gets to Scott's place, he's been drinking.
  • He's upset because the DNA results came back… and Megan's wasn't pregnant with his child. It was another man's baby. Yikes.
  • Scott flips out and grabs Rachel, demanding she tell him about all of Megan's lovers.
  • Oh wait—she can't because she never knew Megan.
  • Scott gets even angrier because Detective Riley told Scott that Rachel was just "a sad little liar with no life" (27.36). Dang.
  • He grabs Rachel's purse and shakes out all its contents.
  • Her phone clatters onto the table, and Scott reads the screen—it's a text confirming her appointment with Dr. Abdic.
  • The one time Rachel's phone is actually charged and it's terrible timing. Now Scott thinks Rachel was in cahoots with Abdic.
  • He drags her upstairs and locks her in a spare bedroom. Wow, this went from zero to cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs really fast.
  • Rachel scrambles around for something to defend herself when Scott comes back.
  • She finds a broken photo of Scott and Megan and she grabs a shard of glass, just in case.
  • Scott returns with the list Rachel made way back in Chapter 7.
  • He mocks her and calls her pathetic and tells her to get out of his house. Rachel runs for it and escapes.
  • She runs to Tom's house and leaves him a note through the mail slot saying she needs to talk to him; then she goes home.
  • At home, Rachel calls the police, saying Scott imprisoned her in his house for a half hour.
  • Detective Riley doesn't really take her seriously but says she can come to the station and make a statement if she chooses.
  • The detective also tells Rachel to stay away from Scott—for real this time.
  • Now that Rachel has seen how violent Scott is, she pretty much believes he did it.
  • On her way home from giving her statement at the station, she bumps into the mysterious red-haired man again.
  • This time she speaks to him and asks him about what happened the night Megan disappeared.
  • Red, whose name is Andy, tells her that he found her in the underpass.
  • She'd fallen and cut herself and her "bloke" (27.95) was heading the other direction. Could that have been Tom?
  • Andy says the other man was with a woman. He offered to go after them, but Rachel told him not to.
  • Rachel goes home, and this conjures up all sorts of memories.
  • So it was Tom walking away and getting into the car with Anna.
  • But if they were together, where was the baby? Anna never leaves the baby behind.
  • The next day, Rachel calls Tom.
  • She asks him why he never called after getting her note, but he says he never got a note.
  • Anyway, Rachel asks him where Anna was that night, and Tom says she was at home with the baby, not in the car with him.
  • This is getting strange, right?
  • Tom tells Rachel she was a hot mess in the street that night and he was just trying to help.
  • "Don't call anymore" (27.132) he says, and hangs up the phone.
  • Rachel spends the rest of her Saturday moping, but at least she isn't drinking.
  • As she's falling asleep, she has one more memory: Tom punching her in the face in the underpass. Yikes. Did that really happen?

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