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The Girl on the Train Chapter 28

By Paula Hawkins

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Chapter 28


  • Anna and Tom have been fighting about Rachel… again.
  • Turns out Anna threw the note away and never told Tom about it because of course she did.
  • So Tom says that Anna is acting just like Rachel used to. Burn.
  • This is the biggest insult for Anna because Rachel is a stupid doodie face and Anna is beautiful and smart and amazing, so there.
  • Tom leaves to go to the gym, and Anna goes right back to typing in passwords on his laptop.
  • She gets in, but she doesn't find anything exciting.
  • However, she does find Tom's gym bag under the bed. Thing is, he's been gone an hour and hasn't come back for it. That's fishy.
  • Oh, it's not just fishy, it's a whole freaking aquarium of weirdness because Tom has a secret mobile phone in his gym bag.
  • Anna finds a charger that fits it and brings the phone back to life.
  • It's filled with text messages of "times and dates, mostly" (28.20). It's basically a digital record of appointments… but appointments with whom?
  • Anna assumes Tom has been secretly rendezvousing with Rachel.
  • Tom comes home drunk, and Anna hides the secret phone before Tom takes her to bed.
  • Early the net morning, Anna creeps downstairs and gets the phone.
  • She calls the voicemail and listens to the voicemail greeting.
  • It's not Tom's phone—it's a woman's voice on the outgoing message. (But which woman?)
  • Before Anna can do anything, though, the light comes on upstairs. Tom is awake.

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