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The Girl on the Train Chapter 32

By Paula Hawkins

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Chapter 32


  • Anna is laughing at Rachel's ridiculous suggestion. Why should she leave?
  • Rachel tries to convince Anna that Tom is crazy. He's supposed to be out with army buddies, but does he even have army buddies? Has she met the army buddies? Has she met Tom's family?
  • No, Anna says she never met Tom's family because they were upset with him after he cheated on Rachel.
  • Rachel responds with a bomb: She never met Tom's family either! "He lies about everything" (32.24), she says.
  • Everything finally clicks into place for Anna. Tom was having an affair with Megan; it was her phone that Anna found in his gym bag.
  • Rachel goes too far when she suggests that Tom killed Megan, though—Anna believes Tom could have been having an affair, but not that he would kill her.
  • All of a sudden, Anna notices the look of shock on Rachel's face, and she turns around.
  • Tom is at the kitchen window, watching them. Creepy…

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