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The Girl on the Train Chapter 33

By Paula Hawkins

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Chapter 33


  • It's Friday, July 12, the day before Megan was killed, and the day Rachel saw her kiss another man way back in Chapter 3.
  • Megan knows she's pregnant, and she knows she can't get rid of it, even though it isn't her husband's baby.
  • She calls Kamal for advice, and he comes over.
  • He tells her that she should decide whether she wants Scott to continue to take care of her and her child. If she does, tell him; if not, she's strong enough to do it on her own.
  • He gives her a friendly kiss just as the train goes by.
  • Megan asks if she and Kamal can just run away together and he laughs. "You and your baby will be fine" (33.18), he says. Little does he know tomorrow will be her last day…
  • On Saturday, Megan gathers up the nerve to tell Scott that she's had an affair.
  • Scott calmly and rationally talks it out with her like an adult.
  • Just kidding. He throws their wedding photo at her head, breaking it (the photo, not her head), and then he choke slams her against a wall.
  • Megan is shocked because this is the first time Scott has ever hurt her.
  • He instantly tries to apologize, but she doesn't want to hear it.
  • She goes to her closet and gets her secret cell phone. Even though she hasn't used it in a while, it still has some juice.
  • She texts, "I need to talk to you. URGENT" (33.50)—but he never calls back.
  • So despite Scott's protests, Megan storms out of the house and goes to the park.
  • She uses the secret phone again, and this time he answers. She tells him if he doesn't come to the park, she'll go straight to his house.
  • As Megan is about to leave, she sees her gentleman caller come from the underpass toward her. He tells her to get into the car with him, and she follows.

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