Study Guide

The Girl on the Train Chapter 36

By Paula Hawkins

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Chapter 36


  • Tom, Rachel, and Anna sit in the living room like one big happy psychopathic family.
  • Tom, manspreading all over the couch, gives a little super villain monologue about what happened the night Megan died.
  • He admits to smacking Rachel in the head, taking Megan out to the woods, and beating her with a rock.
  • He says he didn't mean to kill her. Why do women have such fragile skulls?
  • So Tom buried her in the woods. He planned to pin the murder on Scott, but didn't have time to do it. The life of a modern murderer: so over-scheduled.
  • Tom and Anna start fussing over the baby, so Rachel makes a run for it.
  • Whack. She's hit on the back of her head by a bottle and goes down.
  • As she loses consciousness, Tom drags Rachel into the kitchen. Does he expect her to make him a sandwich, too?

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