Study Guide

The Girl on the Train Chapter 5

By Paula Hawkins

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Chapter 5


  • Cathy gives Rachel a little present: a formal notice of eviction. Aw, thanks.
  • Rachel cries on the train.
  • When it stops in front of "Jason's" house, Rachel is alarmed that Jason seems to be looking right at her.
  • Later that day, Rachel is hit by a cab and sent to the hospital.
  • How'd that happen?
  • Well, Rachel was distracted by a newspaper headline and she walked right in front of the car.
  • What's the headline? "CONCERN FOR MISSING WITNEY WOMAN" (5.23).
  • Witney is "Jess's" neighborhood, not a misspelling of Whitney Houston.
  • Rachel discovers that Jess's real name is Megan Hipwell… and she's missing.

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