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The Girl on the Train Chapter 6

By Paula Hawkins

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Chapter 6


  • It's January 2013. Megan is still in therapy with Kamal, telling him all about her past.
  • Ben, her brother, died, and when she was nineteen she moved in with a man named Craig McKenzie, or Mac.
  • She decides to search for Mac online (perhaps searching for Mac with a Mac), but forgets to delete her browser history.
  • Her husband, Scott the snoop, finds it and they get in a huge fight.
  • Kamal suggests that Scott is using a form of "emotional abuse" (6.27) against her, but Megan says it's not abuse if she doesn't mind it—"And I don't. I don't mind" (6.28), she says.
  • That afternoon, Megan takes a nap.
  • She wakes up thinking about "him" leaving in the middle of night (who, Scott?) and she wanders around the house, feeling like someone has been there.
  • After checking to make sure the doors are locked, she sits and waits for Scott: "I need him" (6.41).

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