Study Guide

The Girl on the Train Chapter 8

By Paula Hawkins

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Chapter 8


  • It's a month after we last saw Megan, and she is at the Swan (a motel) with the unnamed man she's having an affair with.
  • They fantasize about going on a vacation—the beach, Thailand, Sicily.
  • The man tells Megan about his past, and she wonders if he's her soul mate.
  • She falls asleep, and he's not there when she wakes up. Um, a soul mate would probably at least leave a note.
  • The next day, Scott, Megan's husband (remember him?) brings her coffee on the terrace and asks her about therapy.
  • She says she wants to continue therapy, but we're not sure if it's clinical psychology she's talking about here, the Dr. Lovin' she spent time with earlier, or if these two guys are the same people.
  • When Scott tells Megan, "Love you" (8.26), she feels like she's going to cry.

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