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The Girl on the Train Chapter 9

By Paula Hawkins

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Chapter 9


  • It's the day after we last saw Rachel.
  • She's exhilarated by this hunt for clues to Megan's disappearance.
  • "I feel like myself—the myself I used to be" (9.1), she says. Wow—for Rachel's sake, girls should disappear more often.
  • Rachel spends an hour talking to D.I. Gaskill and telling him about the man she saw Rachel with that day on the train.
  • But she still wants to know what happened the night of her blackout.
  • She does research on hypnotherapy, wondering if it will help her.
  • That night Rachel rewards herself with a drink… or seven. We're not sure how many, but by the time Saturday rolls around, she's sent a couple drunken e-mails she shouldn't have.
  • The first was to Tom, of course.
  • In that e-mail, Rachel orders him to tell Anna to get off her back. That'll go over well…
  • Rachel tells us that the story she told the police the other day wasn't exactly true.
  • She took Anna's baby on purpose, not to calm it down from crying, but she doesn't exactly know why she did it.
  • Ever since then Anna's wanted her arrested for kidnapping. Gee, we wonder why.
  • Rachel's second drunk e-mail was to Scott.
  • In it, she lied and said she knew Megan from the art gallery.
  • Scott responds, giving Rachel his phone number and asking her to call him.
  • She does, and Scott wants to talk in person.
  • She makes plans to see him that night.

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