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The Glass Castle Part II, Chapter 10

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Part II, Chapter 10

  • In the car, Mom and Dad get into a fight so huge that Mom jumps from the car.
  • Dad chases her. With the car.
  • Dad drives the car through the desert straight for Mom, almost running her—and her pregnant belly—down flat in the sand.
  • The next day, Mom and Dad make up and move to a new town: Blythe.
  • In Blythe, Jeannette is enrolled in school.
  • Jeannette is bullied by four Mexican girls, who beat her up.
  • But Jeannette and her brother turn the tables on these girls, and Jeanette cracks one of the girls in the head with a rock.
  • Soon, Mom gives birth to a new baby.
  • The baby remains unnamed for a few weeks, but eventually she is named Maureen.

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