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The Glass Castle Part II, Chapter 19

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Part II, Chapter 19

  • Mom is rolling in dough with cash from her teacher job. This is the only time you will ever see that sentence.
  • Going from $0 a week to anything feels like the fam is flush with cash. Except they still feel like they have zero bucks, because Dad takes it all.
  • Dad blames Mom, saying she spends money on art supplies, but no one sees any new paints or Bob Ross DVDs around the house.
  • One day after school, Brian and Jeannette walk by the Green Lantern.
  • But Brian doesn't want to wave to Ginger, the woman outside.
  • Brian says Ginger's dumb, because one time, Ginger and Dad spent the night together. So that's where all the money is going.
  • Brian was with Dad and Ginger, reading a comic book in the other room of a hotel suite.
  • After Dad and Ginger were done, Dad made Brian give Ginger his comic book, even though she can't read.
  • Brian thinks that with all Ginger's money, "she should buy her own darn comic book" (2.19.36).

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