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The Glass Castle Part II, Chapter 20

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Part II, Chapter 20

  • When Jeannette is eight, town miscreant (or serial killer-in-training) Billy Deel takes a shine to her.
  • Billy will not leave her alone, so Jeannette says she will be his friend, but not his girlfriend.
  • Billy gives Jeannette a ring and eventually kisses her against her will.
  • Billy even puts his tongue in Jeannette's mouth and says that means that he raped her.
  • Jeannette looks up "rape" in the dictionary and doesn't understand what it means, so she keeps the whole incident to herself.
  • After Jeannette gives Billy his stupid ring back, Billy shoots a hole through their window with a BB gun.
  • Lori gets Dad's real gun and fires it at Billy. That alerts the cops, who wonder why the kids are home alone and firing guns.
  • When Dad finds out the fuzz is snooping around, he decides the family has to leave Battle Mountain.
  • The kids are allowed to bring only one thing each. Jeannette brings a rock.
  • And off they go, into the night.

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