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The Glass Castle Part II, Chapter 27

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Part II, Chapter 27

  • Three days later, Dad comes home stinking drunk. That didn't last long.
  • Dad smashes the china cabinet, and Mom pulls a knife on him.
  • Mom and Dad wrestle. Dad disarms Mom and pins her to the ground.
  • Mom starts laughing and hugging Dad. These two are clearly made for each other.
  • The family decides to move across the country to West Virginia and live with Dad's mom.
  • However, Dad doesn't want to come.
  • So Mom decides to go without Dad.
  • Mom inherited some land in Texas when her own mom died, and she takes some of the money from the oil drilling rights and buys a used car.
  • Mom is a horrible driver, but the kids are excited to get out of Arizona and head across the country.
  • At the last minute, Dad decides to get in the car and go with the family. He moves Mom aside and takes the driver's seat.

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