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The Glass Castle Part II, Chapter 3

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Part II, Chapter 3

  • A few months later, Dad comes home in the middle of the night and tells the family to "leave this s***-hole behind" (2.3.3).
  • It's like when Dad took Jeanette from the hospital, but this time he's taking the whole family from their house.
  • Well, the whole family minus the cat, Quixote, that is.
  • The cat won't sit still in the car, so Dad chucks him out the window.
  • Jeannette starts crying, and Mom tells her not to be "sentimental" (2.3.14). Just be mental like the rest of them.
  • The family sleeps outdoors that night, and Jeannette's older sister, Lori, thinks they'll live that way forever.

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