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The Glass Castle Part II, Chapter 5

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Part II, Chapter 5

  • Dad tells how he met Mom.
  • Dad was in the Air Force, and Mom was in the USO.
  • Both were on leave and visiting some cliffs.
  • Mom was cliff diving, and Dad dove in after her. He said he's going to marry her.
  • Mom: "What makes you think I'd accept your proposal?" (2.5.8).
  • Dad: "I didn't propose. […] I told you I was going to marry you." (2.5.9)
  • We're not sure if that's romantic or creepy.
  • The lovebirds got married and had Lori, then Jeannette, then Brian.
  • There was also a baby who died of crib death very young, Mary Charlene.
  • Mom shrugged it off, but she says Dad was never the same.

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