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The Glass Castle Part III, Chapter 24

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Part III, Chapter 24

  • Lori is about to graduate high school.
  • Lori sculpts a bust of Shakespeare to win a scholarship, but Dad ruins the bust—and Lori's shot at the prize.
  • Not only that, but Dad finds the piggy bank and takes all the money.
  • Lori breaks down, afraid she'll never make it out of Welch.
  • A woman Jeannette babysits for asks Jeannette to spend two months over the summer with them.
  • Jeannette tells the woman to offer the job to Lori and buy her a bus ticket to New York City as payment.
  • The woman agrees, and Lori leaves for the summer.
  • Dad says the family "is falling apart" (3.24.44), not admitting that it's mostly his fault.

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