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The Glass Castle Part III, Chapter 4

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Part III, Chapter 4

  • One day after school, Jeannette helps a little lost boy find his way home. Not to Never-Neverland.
  • The boy lives in Jeannette's bully's neighborhood.
  • The bully's name is Dinitia, and after seeing Jeannette help the boy, Dinitia become friends with Jeannette.
  • Erma doesn't want any black people in her house, so Jeannette goes to Dinitia's house, and they do homework together.
  • Jeannette doesn't like the way Erma talks about black people, so Jeannette defends her friend at dinner.
  • Erma sends Jeannette's "worthless ass" (3.4.30) to the basement without dinner.
  • Mom tells Jeannette to keep her mouth shut, even though Jeannette was always told to speak up for her beliefs.
  • Jeanette doesn't understand why they have to be hypocrites in Erma's home.

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