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The Glass Castle Part IV, Chapter 1

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Part IV, Chapter 1

Part IV: New York City

  • Lori's friend meets Jeannette at the bus station and escorts her to the German restaurant where Lori is a waitress.
  • Jeannette gets a job at a burger joint, and she and Lori get an apartment in the Bronx, like Jennifer Lopez.
  • Jeannette loves the apartment, mostly because it has a toilet.
  • To finish school, Jeannette enrolls in a public school that offers internships.
  • The internships lead to a job at a small paper called The Phoenix.
  • Worried about Brian, the sisters bring their brother to New York, too.
  • Even though Jeannette isn't planning on going to college, she eventually decides to go to Barnard, Columbia University's sister school. (Columbia only took men at this time.)
  • Life rolls on, and eventually the Wallses move their youngest sister, Maureen, to New York. Now all the Walls kids are free of their parents.

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