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The Glass Castle Perseverance

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There are only so many times you can fall through your own living room floor or get electrocuted by your own kitchen appliances before you throw in the towel, right?

Not if you're Jeannette Walls. When her deity of choice was handing out continues in the great video game of life, Jeannette received an infinite number of them. Many people read memoirs to get inspiration or learn some sort of life lesson. If there's one to be learned by reading the The Glass Castle, it's to never give up. We think.

Questions About Perseverance

  1. What keeps Jeannette going, even when she feels like giving up?
  2. Are there ever any instances when Jeannette is too determined? Would her life have been easier if she had given up at certain points?
  3. How does Jeannette's determination eventually pay off?
  4. Do any other members of the Walls family share Jeannette's determination?

Chew on This

Jeannette draws on her siblings for motivation. If she were an only child, it's unlikely she would have been be as determined to escape her parents.

Jeannette continues to be determined today, demonstrating that perseverance is a part of her personality, not just a way to reach a goal.

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