Study Guide

The Help Chapter 10

By Kathryn Stockett

Chapter 10

  • Minny narrates this chapter. It begins on December 1st. Last month when Minny thought it was Johnny coming home, it was actually just the man reading the meter.
  • Tired of standing on the toilet in anxiety, Minny is forcing Celia to tell Johnny about her by December 24th. She's pretty sure Johnny will fire her. Meanwhile, Celia is trying to learn to cook on her own, but is still hopeless.
  • Celia's still trying to make some friends, but all the ladies snub her, thanks to Hilly, Johnny's ex.
  • At church on Wednesday night, Aibileen tells her about Skeeter's book project. Minny "can't believe Aibileen wants to tell Skeeter the truth" (10.76). But the word "truth" feels like something Minny needs really badly. Still, she tells Aibileen she won't talk to Skeeter.
  • When Minny gets to work about a week later, Celia's still in bed and she looks upset.
  • She orders Minny to leave for the day.
  • About week later, Celia is still under the weather. In another few days, Celia will tell Johnny about Minny and Minny will be able to relax.
  • On Thursday morning, Celia isn't home. While Minny cleans, she thinks of everything that needs to be done before Christmas. When she's cleaning the bedroom, Johnny comes in, holding an axe.
  • Minny is terrified, but Johnny assures her he's not going to hurt her (he just happens to have an axe in hand, you know).
  • He knew Celia hired somebody to help around the house since the food improved.
  • Johnny doesn't care if Celia can cook; he just wants her to be happy. He's worried she's not happy and asks Minny if Celia's seeing another guy. Minny assures him she's not, but has no idea what's the matter with Celia.
  • Johnny tells Minny to let Celia keep pretending she doesn't have help as long as she wants to.