Study Guide

The Help Chapter 12

By Kathryn Stockett

Chapter 12

  • Skeeter and Aibileen work together every other night for the next two weeks. Her mother is suspicious that she leaves this frequently, especially at night. Skeeter claims she's doing work at a church where the Phelans don't know anybody.
  • During their fifth meeting, Aibileen reads Skeeter her writing about Treelore's death.
  • Aibileen also asks Skeeter if she'll check some books out of the white library for her. The black library hardly has any books. Of course, Skeeter agrees.
  • Skeeter and Aibileen work on Aibileen's story for several days, then Skeeter sends it to Elaine Stein in New York.
  • Ten days later, Skeeter is at Elizabeth's for the bridge game. Elizabeth announces she's pregnant again, and Hilly talks about her husband's campaign for state Senate.
  • Hilly tells Aibileen she has a bag of used clothes for her. For Skeeter, she has an envelope with information she wants included in the Junior League newsletter, information about her Home Help Sanitation Initiative.
  • At home that night, Skeeter works on the newsletter, but can't bring herself to put in Hilly's initiative.
  • Soon after, Skeeter hears from Elaine Stein. She likes Aibileen's story and wants Skeeter to do about twelve more. She wants it finished by January.
  • That night, Skeeter tells Aibileen about Elaine's letter. She begs Aibileen to try to find more maids willing to talk. A few days later, Aibileen calls and says Minny's agreed to do an interview too.
  • At Aibileen's, Minny tries hard to make Skeeter understand how dangerous this is – for Skeeter and for all the women she interviewing. Minny tells a little of her story, but then has to leave because she's too nervous.